Nude chevron with rainbow sideways gradient!

Phju! That’s a long heading!



* OPI: A Grape Fit, Dating A Royal, You Are So Outta Lime!, I Just Can’t Cope-acabana!, Where Did Suzi’s Man-go?

* Chevron stickers from Nail Vinyls
* Tweezers
* Nail polish remover with a brush
* Make up sponges


Hope you give it a go and good luck if you do!

XO Linn



FullSizeRender-4 IMG_4990For this weeks #veckansopi the theme was my favorite nude polish: Samoan Sand! I really wanted to show off the beauty of this polish without to much distracting things, so this is what I did. Hope you like it!

I even made a tutorial for the quilted one. I know I have done a similar quilted tutorial before but I wanted to show that can do this effect with any color polish and also with shiny top coat!

All I used was OPI – Samoan Sand, OPI – From Start to Finish, a dental floss holder, some hexagon glitters and a tooth pick! Super easy and gives a cool effect.

Good luck and have fun if you give it a go!

XO Linn

Galaxy nails!



Really easy and really pretty!

* OPI: Lady In Black, First Class Desires, Dating A Royal, Pink Flamenco and Alpine Snow

* Bits and pieces from a makeup sponge
* A pair of tweezers
* Nail polish remover and a brush
* A thin liner brush


XO Linn

Suzi Shops And Island Hops!

Suzi Shops


What do you get when you mix Alpine Snow with a bit of Elephantastic Pink??  You get your own version of OPI ‘Suzi Shops And Island Hops’ from their new Hawaiian collection!

Two nights ago I went through my OPI stash and found that one of the colors I was missing badly was a baby pink. I then realized I had like three of the same type of pinks and one of them was ‘Elephantastic Pink’. I also realized I had a mini bottle of Alpine snow with like half left, so what do I do? I mix some of ‘Elephantastic Pink’ into my mini ‘Alpine Snow’ and get the cutest baby pink polish!

I was so happy that I sacrificed my big half empty bottle of ‘EP’ and poured like half a bottle of ‘AS’ to make one big ass bottle of baby pink! My own ‘Suzi Shops And Island Hops’!

And the result on my nails..? Here you go:



I myself love it and hope you do too!

XO Linn

Fanzis glitter!

A while back I received lots of glitter from to try. I must say I’m not a big fan of loose glitter and hardly ever use it but these glitter may just change my mind! They were all really pretty and super sparkly! I mean just take a look at this video:

I also thought I’d share som inspiration on how to use loose glitters so I made a video with three ways, but the possibilities are endless!

Hope you decide to try out some of the gorgeous glitters from!

The glitters used in these videos are:

Glitter No. 13
Glitter No. 15
Glitter No. 16
Glitter No. 17
Glitter No. 19
Glitter No. 20
Glitter No. 21
Glitter No. 27
Glitter No. 29
Glitter No. 33

XO Linn

Rainbow Watermarble!

FullSizeRender kopia 2

In love with this method right now and I want to do water marbles all the time! I have recently gotten the hang of this and I can remember how frustrating it was when the polish wouldn’t spread or when the design got messed up. But now after lots of practice and not giving up I finally have created lots of successful water marbles.

The thing I found that made the biggest difference was the type of glass I used, the room temperatured water and the polish. The two last parts I think are the ones that made my water marbles go from failure to success. I always make sure that I have water in a big plastic bottle that is room temperatured so that whenever I want to do water marble I’m sure the water has been in room temperature for a long enough time. The polishes I find work best with this method is OPI, but I have found others working as well. The most important thing is to make sure the polish is not to thick.

I also made a tutorial for this design but if you still have questions after this blog post, feel free to ask!

XO Linn