Nail care

Ok, so a frequently asked question is how I keep my nails healthy and (whenever there’s no breaks)  long. I decided to dedicate this page to my nail care rutin so everybody that wonders can have a look here! A list of all the products, and where I got some of them, will be at the bottom of the page.

This is what I do about once a week. I will also let you guys know what I do on a daily basis (even though it’s not much) later on!

After removing my nail polish, cus let’s face it, I always wear nail polish so that’s where we start; by removing it! I get a plastic bowl and fill it up with warm, as warm as your hands can take, water and some washing-up liquid. I then place my fingers in the bowl for about five minutes.


I then wash my hands an put on some cuticle remover around my nails, massage it in and let that rest for about one minute.


Next I move on to my nail brush. I like to use the brush when it’s dry just because I feel it does the  job of removing my “dead” cuticles better. I just scrub on top of my nails and then rinse under water.


Now it’s time for some moisture! This next product is a life saver when it comes to dry and sad cuticles. This is the one product I use almost every day. All you need is a small (like microscopic) drop on each finger so it’s really economical. I then just massage it in until it’s disappeared.


My cuticles are now smooth and soft so I gently push them back with a rubber orange stick. Remember to be careful with this process as you can damage your cuticles if you go to hard.


Next I file my nails! With this nail file you really get to all the hard to reach places around your nail and I absolutely love it! By far the best nail file I have ever used and I totally recommend it if you are on the hunt!


The next step is to put on some base coat! I always wear base coat even if I’m not painting my nails (like that ever happens?) at that exact moment just because I found it protects my nails and keep them strong. After my base coat I use a cuticle oil, that is if I’m not painting my nails right away of course, if that’s the case (which it almost always is) I put the oil on after my nails are painted and dry!

IMG_4883These two are actually the same, the text has worn off on the glass container so that’s why I had the “on the go” tube in the picture as well.

And now my nails are ready for a new week full of nail polish and nail polish remover.


Well that’s pretty much it! Not much to it just to take time to actually do it.

Out of all these steps I actually only do like three of them on a daily basis or whenever I remove my polish, which almost is on a daily basis. I always moisturise with Avoplex exfoliator, use base coat, and put on cuticle oil after I painted my nails.

So no secrets here or some extravagant rutine, just plain and simple!

Here is a list of the products I use:

* Essie disappearing trick. I actually believe this is a sample that I got when I shopped at my local beauty supply store.
* Nail brush. This one you can get at pretty much any store.
* OPI Avoplex cuticle exfoliator. I got this from but you can find it in other stores as well.
* OPI cuticle stick. This was a gift from OPI Sweden but can be found on several stores online.
* OPI diamond nail file. This was actually also a gift from OPI Sweden.
* OPI cuticle oil. Also a gift from OPI Sweden.
* OPI base coat. Wel I am after all a OPI ambassador so no surprise this was also a gift.

Hope this helped anyone who wondered! If you have any questions feel free to contact me here on my blog by leaving a comment or send me an email!

XO Linn


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