OPI – Washington DC collection

Finally!! This has been so long over due since I’ve had this collection in my possession for quite a while now.. I will not go into extreme detail about the formulas cuz they are all (well almost) GREAT! So yeay for that! Over all I really love this collection and since they are for sale right now(!!), I sugest you find your favorites and grab them so your nails are prepped for fall.. We have 15 shades to go through, the usual 12, plus 3 Special-Edition Kerry Washington shades, so let’s get into the swatches shall we?

IMG_3042OPI “Liv” In The Gray – A dark grey with a hint of blue to it? Well you would think som from this picture… In fact I would say that it is just grey, but a very nice grey, that I don’t previously own!

IMG_3043OPI CIA = Color is Awesome – This color IS awesome! Like a deep blue with some teal to it, kinda.. The picture actually looks true to color.

IMG_3044OPI By Popular Vote – Yeah, I like tis color.. A lot! No need to describe this one because it looks exactly like in the picture. Beautiful formula! Oh, that’s right, I wasn’t gonna talk about formula..

IMG_3045OPI Madam President – This is like a brighter version of “OPI By Popular vote” and I love it!

IMG_3046OPI Shh… It’s Top Secret! – This one reminds me of a lighter, more grayish/brown, “Lincoln Park After Dark”. It does come of a bit darker on camera than in real life but I feel like this is gonna be my go to for the darker colors this fall.

IMG_3047OPI Stay Off The Lawn!! – Absolutely amazing color! This is definitely one of my favorites from this collection. Pretty true to color but maybe a tad darker irl.

IMG_3052OPI Kerry Blossom – One of the special edition shades. This one dried dow a bit darker that when applied which was kinda weird but I didn’t mind! Lovely color but a bit streaky, although I only added two coats, meaning I could have gotten rid of the streak with three, so she is forgiven!

IMG_3053OPI Pale to the Chief – Not a fan of super nudes like this one, but seeing it had som pearlish  sheen to it (which I’m normally not a fan of either but it is sooo subtle you can barely see it) I kinda liked it! Actually I really like it! And it’s quite unique in my opinion.

IMG_3055OPI Never a Dulles Moment – This is more dusty than the picture allowed it to be. If you can imagine “One Chic Chick” (from the pastels collection) and “Need Sunglasses?” had a baby, this would be it! Well sort of… Struggled with application with this one so I sugest you use lots of polish on the brush when applying.

IMG_3056OPI Inside the ISABELLEtway – The other one of the special edition shades. Caramel shade that surprised me how much I really liked it.

IMG_3057OPI Squeaker of the House – Love the shade, hate the name. A bit more warm toned than in the picture though. Oh, and be aware that you will probably get this all over your cuticles upon removal… Just saying. It’s still worth it though!

IMG_3048OPI Suzi – The First Lady of Nails – Olive green that really caught my eye. I think I gonna be wearing this a lot for fall, just saying. And here’s another one that will stain your cuticles when removing it. But once again, worth it!

IMG_3049OPI Freedom of Peach – Meh, not to big of a fan with this one. Although my friend says these kinds of color make her feel newly rich, so maybe imma give it a go and that feeling will actually get me there!

IMG_3050OPI Yank My Doodle – This is one of the OPI formulas that I love the most, crelly with super intense pigmentation. Actually kinda dig the color as well.

IMG_3051OPI We The Female –  And last but definitely not least, at least not if you wanna talk formula cus this one was the best! Really like this color and as we know OPI does nothing better than redish shades and this is no exception.

So, over all I totally dig this collection. It’s a perfect mixture of color and not only really dark and dull ones but a few pops of color that are, well some at least, quite unique. At least to my collection. Lemme know if you have any questions!

Until next time!

XO Linn


OPI Soft Shades 2016


Ok, so a while back I had the privilege to try the OPI Soft Shades 2016 collection – six beautiful and opaque pastel cremes! This collection i perfect for spring and summer and I’m in love! If you follow me on Instagram you have already seen some nail design sneak peeks of the polishes but now you will get the full swatchness! 😉 All of the swatches coming up has two to three coats and top coat and the formula is pretty much he same on all of the colors so I won’t talk about that as much.

First up we have I Am What I Amethyst which is a pale lavender. Two coats.

I Am What I Amethyst

Second is It’s a Boy which is a pale blue color. This picture does not really do it justice ad it shows up a bit more neon and bright then in actually is. Gorgeous color though. Two coats.

its a boy

Next we have It’s in the Cloud which is described as a pale silvery white but I call it a super light beige. This was one of the trickier formulas and it needed three coats.

Its in the Clouds

One Chic Chick is a pale banana yellow and actually (I don’t really go for yellows) one of my favorites in this collection. This also needed three coats but no extra effort. It did show up a bit more green on picture then in real life.

One Chic Chick

My favorite out of the whole collection has to be Stop, It I’m Blushing which is just a standard pale pink but so gorgina! Tricky formula though and needed three coats.

stop it im blushing

Last but definitely not least we have This Cost Me a Mint, a refreshing pale green. This did also turn out a lot more neon (and blue) than it is irl and it was sooooo frustrating since it is a beautiful soft pastel color. Two coats.

This Cost Me a Mint

Over all I like this collection. But it leaves a tiny bit more pigmentation  to desire since the formula is so thin. The colors are stunning however and you can never go wrong with a good pastel manicure in the spring or summer!

Hope you liked the swatches and it gives you some idea of what to grab when the collection releases (sometime this month).

XO Linn

Opi – New Orleans collection


So I guess Opi keeps spittin’ them collections out! Not that I mind….. At all! I really loved the Hello Kitty by Opi collection but let’s face it, there were a lot of pinks in it. Not that I don’t like pinks, in fact that’s one of my favorite color but I’m always craving variety when it comes to collections. Aaand I believe the New Orleans collection has a good variety when it comes to color range! You will be able to purchase all of these polishes by the end of February in Sweden, that I know, and they will retail for 155 Swedish kroner each.

Now, without further ado, let’s get into the swatches! ( Just for the record: I am totally saving the best for last! Oh, and all of the pictures are without top coat..! Now let’s get into the swatches!)


Humidi-Tea. This is a really pretty color and the formula isn’t all that bad for a semi sheer shimmery polish. But… as you can see the color doesn’t suit my skin color very nicely. It’s not as bad as it looks in this picture though, my camera was just acting up and couldn’t handle all the nude going on! Two coats.


Take a Right on Bourbon. A really nice champagne silver that leaves almost a chrome finish. This is two coats without top coat and I can only imagine the finish will be even smoother with a top coat. Nothing spectacular but a pretty silver.


Crawfishin’ For Compliments. This formula had me like wow on the first coat but somehow got streakier with the second which really bothered me. Love the color though and it sort of reminded me of a lighter version of Is Mai Tai Crooked?. This does not make my skin look as bad as in the picture btw… but some how my camera doesn’t like to make my fingers look nice with nudes or oranges. *sigh* Three coats.


Let Me Bayou A Drink. A bit more pink irl. Liked this one even though I had to use three coats. A very light shimmery pink. Nothing really special though.


Suzi Nails New Orleans. Holy bubbelgum pink! This is really bright and I love it! Actually don’t have any pinks like this in my collection. Lovely formula and it almost made it as a one coater but this is two coats.


I’m Sooo Swamped!. Looooove this grass green! Absolutely stunning color and formula. You could, if you wanted to get away with one coat with this bad boy but I decided to add some depth and make it two. Needless to say, I don’t have anything like this in my collection.


Show Us Your Tips!. Can you say fairy? Cuz that’s what I think of when I see this periwinkle blue packed with glitter. Good formula even though it is on the sheer side. I settled for two coats but you could easily do three thin to deepen the color even more.


Got Myself Into a Jam-balaya. Almost a dupe for Sorry I’m Fizzy Today except this one is a little bit lighter. I was a bit disappointed on the formula though cuz Like Crawfishin’ For Compliments the first coat had me really believe it was a definite two coater but I ended up having to give it three light handed coats.


I Manicure for Beads. Purple madness right here! I own a lot of purples but nothing like this. The formula could easily be a one coater but for the purpose of swatching I made it two. This is such a beautiful shade and I’m not just saying that because I love purple… Like a lot!


She’s a Bad Muffaletta. Welcome to heaven for reds! I absolutely adore this shade! Like, it’s red but on the pink side with a blue undertone… and I LOVE it! One of my favorites and once again a one coater but to deepen the color I added a second coat.


Spare Me a French Quarter. Speechless. I just died and went to another heaven: The berry toned heaven. Also one of my favorites! It’s like a darker version of The Berry Thought Of You and the formula is amaze balls! This is two coats even though this also is a one coater.


Rich Girls & Po-Boys. Like I was saying, I was saving the best for last! I am not the type of girl who grabs for the blue polishes first hand and if you look into my polish stash you would see that. But OMG how I love this color! This color is everything, from formula to application. I used two coats but it is definitely a one coater! Love it! Oh, and do I have to mention this is my favorite out of the entire collection?

So, there you have it! Hopefully this was helpful to anyone thinking of grabbing polishes from this collection, cuz in my opinion you don’t need the entire one. All in all I really like this collection, aside from a few polishes, and I can’t wait to play around with it some more. Nails art pics will be upp on my Instagram so be sure to check that out!

XO Linn