YOLO cosmetics!


Ok, so the generous YOLO-cosmetics (website is under construction but you can find them on Facebook and Instagram) sent me 12 (13 if you count the black one) of their super pretty polishes and two top coats, one matte and one glossy to try out. And I only have one word for these polishes and that’s LOVE! The formulas of almost every single one is perfect and the colors are super pretty.. And they water marble!! What more could you ask for? But enough talking, lets get in to the swatches shall we? First up we have shade no 142 which is a neon orange crelly polish: IMG_8222So I’m well aware that it almost looks red in this picture but in real life it’s a super bright orange. This is actually a one coater and in the picture I also have top coat on because it dried semi matte. The stamping was made with shade no 156 which is a black polish, I did not swatch that one but it stamps perfectly! (bow is from Simply Spoiled Beauty)   Next up we have shade no 158 which is a pastel pinkish coral creme polish: IMG_8150This is probably my favorite out of all the shades they sent me. It applies a bit tricky though, but with three thin coats you have a smooth perfect shiny nail, no top coat! I also stamped it over shade 155, metallic gold polish swatched further down, and it stamped really good for being a semi sheer polish.   Up next is shade no 134 which is a super pretty purple creme polish: IMG_8153 I loooove this color! This is the perfect kind of berry/grape purple and it applies like a boss! Almost a one coater but I used two for a flawless coverage, no top coat. It did not water marble as good as some of the other polishes I tried but I managed to get this clean (minus the air bubbles) look with just two drops of the polish. For the water marble I also used shade no 153 which is swatched further down.   Next up, shade no 155, a metallic gold polish: IMG_8152This polish is one of the best metallic/glitter/shimmer polishes I have ever tried! Could easily be a one coater but I choose to do two just because I didn’t use a top coat. Also stamps super pretty, here over shade no 158, as you can see. Love it!   Next up is shade no 153, a BEAUTIFUL bright teal/turquoise creme polish:


Ok, so I might have spoken to soon before… This has to be my favorite of all the polishes they sent me! Would you look at that bright, amazing, turquoise, summery, almost neon color!! I am in LOVE! Nothing to say about application because it’s like perfection! This is two coats and no top coat. The water marble was created with shade no 138 (swatches further down) and no 156 (black).

Up next! Shade no 157, a grey beige creme polish:


Ok, so this shows up with a bit more green undertones on the picture than in reality. At first I did not think I would like this polish and to be honest I still don’t think the color suits my skin tone but I do like it when I pair it together with the silver shade no 160, swatched further down, as I did here! It stamps perfect. This is two coats with no top coat.

Next up we have some red polish! Shade no107, a deep blood red crelly polish:


This was probably the polish that bleed the most into my cuticles because the formula was so thin. Having said that it’a a super pretty red color and almost opaque in one coat. Here I do have two coats with no top coat. The gradient was created together with shades no 105 and 131, both swatched further down.

Time of another red! Shade no 105, a super bright classic red creme polish:


The perfect classic red polish! I love this one and the application is really good! This is two super thin coats and no top coat. The gradient was created together with shades no 131 and 107.

Up next is shade no 160, a metallic silver polish:


I love this silver!! It dries to a semi matte, almost satin look without any streaks, even without top coat! Yup, you heard me! Now, I’m not a fan of all silver on my nails but this also stamps peeeerfect and that’s how I’m gonna use this polish, for stamping and accent nails! In this pic I stamped over shade no 157, swatched further up, and I really like the color combo. On the hunt for a perfect metallic silver? Look no further!

Next we have shade no 138 which is a bright neon coral creme polish:


First of all, I’m sorry about this photo’s quality but it was the only way to capture this neon color. I would say this is a close match to China Glaze’s Flip Flop Fantasy only not AS neon but also not as patchy. I love it and it will be perfect for summer! The water marble was created with shade 153, swatched further up. This is three thin coats with top coat.

Second to last swatch. Shade no 137, a dark purple creme polish with lots of blue undertones:


NOT as blue as shown in this picture but for some reason the purple would not transfer on to camera… Now, I’m not a big fan of “blueish” polishes but I kinda like this one. But, lets take quick moment to appreciate the silver stamping…… How perfect is that? Aaaanyways, the application of this polish was flawless and I reached full coverage with two thin coats, no top coat.

Last but not least, shade no 131, a deep maroon creme polish:


I love this dark vampy color! Perfect application and opaque in almost one coat. This is however two thin coats and no top coat. The gradient was created together with shades no 105 and 107.

And that’s it! Soooo.. to summarize:

Almost all of the polishes had some tendency to creep dangerously close to the cuticle and bleed, because of the thin formula. However, that’s easy to avoid by smaller amount of polish on the brush!

Drying time I would say was relatively fast and most of them dried super shiny!

Almost all of the polishes could be a one coater.. Like, the opacity was mind blowing even for the more crelly ones, so that was super impressive!

I really like these polishes and will be using them a whole lot more in the future! And I’m also looking forward to try some, or all, of their 20 new shades coming soon!

Be sure to check out YOLO-cosmetics on Facebook and Instagram!

XO Linn


#veckansopi – Lincoln Park After Dark


For this weeks #veckansopi the theme was to focus on the marvelous deep dark purple polish that is called Lincoln Park After Dark! I decided to create a sort of marble looking design using a body spray from Victorias Secret. This is the first time trying this and I love it! The variations are endless and I’m definitely gonna do this again soon!


Polish: Opi – Lincoln Park After Dark

* Scotch tape
* Body mist/spray/splash… or anything that works for you
* Orange stick or q-tip

Good luck if you give it a go!

XO Linn

Valentines day water marble!


* Opi: Pink Flamenco, Just Be-claus, Alpine Snow and my own version of Suzi Shops & Island Hops. You can read all about that here!

* Room temperatured Water in a cup
* A thin Needle of some sort
* Q tips
* Scotch tape

Read all about my tips and trick when it comes to water marbling here!


Good luck and have fun if you try it!

XO Linn


FullSizeRender-4 IMG_4990For this weeks #veckansopi the theme was my favorite nude polish: Samoan Sand! I really wanted to show off the beauty of this polish without to much distracting things, so this is what I did. Hope you like it!

I even made a tutorial for the quilted one. I know I have done a similar quilted tutorial before but I wanted to show that can do this effect with any color polish and also with shiny top coat!

All I used was OPI – Samoan Sand, OPI – From Start to Finish, a dental floss holder, some hexagon glitters and a tooth pick! Super easy and gives a cool effect.

Good luck and have fun if you give it a go!

XO Linn