OPI Soft Shades 2016


Ok, so a while back I had the privilege to try the OPI Soft Shades 2016 collection – six beautiful and opaque pastel cremes! This collection i perfect for spring and summer and I’m in love! If you follow me on Instagram you have already seen some nail design sneak peeks of the polishes but now you will get the full swatchness! 😉 All of the swatches coming up has two to three coats and top coat and the formula is pretty much he same on all of the colors so I won’t talk about that as much.

First up we have I Am What I Amethyst which is a pale lavender. Two coats.

I Am What I Amethyst

Second is It’s a Boy which is a pale blue color. This picture does not really do it justice ad it shows up a bit more neon and bright then in actually is. Gorgeous color though. Two coats.

its a boy

Next we have It’s in the Cloud which is described as a pale silvery white but I call it a super light beige. This was one of the trickier formulas and it needed three coats.

Its in the Clouds

One Chic Chick is a pale banana yellow and actually (I don’t really go for yellows) one of my favorites in this collection. This also needed three coats but no extra effort. It did show up a bit more green on picture then in real life.

One Chic Chick

My favorite out of the whole collection has to be Stop, It I’m Blushing which is just a standard pale pink but so gorgina! Tricky formula though and needed three coats.

stop it im blushing

Last but definitely not least we have This Cost Me a Mint, a refreshing pale green. This did also turn out a lot more neon (and blue) than it is irl and it was sooooo frustrating since it is a beautiful soft pastel color. Two coats.

This Cost Me a Mint

Over all I like this collection. But it leaves a tiny bit more pigmentation  to desire since the formula is so thin. The colors are stunning however and you can never go wrong with a good pastel manicure in the spring or summer!

Hope you liked the swatches and it gives you some idea of what to grab when the collection releases (sometime this month).

XO Linn


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