Hello Kitty by OPI 2016


Be prepared to say hello to Hello Kitty in the beginning of next year! Opi teamed up with the Japanese muse to create the cutest collection yet. It contains 12 shades, all inspired by her. So, without any further ado, let’s get into the swatches! Side note: None of the swatches have top coat.


Saving the pinks for later! This is My Twin Mimmy, a beautiful yellow shade that is sort of a mixture between Need Sunglasses and I Just Can’t Cope-acabana. Not a huge fan of the application and it took three coats to get to an even finish but the color is stunning!


My Pal Joey. I LOOOOOVE this blue! I don’t have anything like this  in my stash and it was about time I did! Gorgeous color and lovely formula. Two coats for full opacity and even finish.


5 Apples Tall. A beautiful red with some pink/coral undertones. I really like this shade and I love a different kind of red! Absolutely amazing formula, a bit thin but really pigmented, and almost opaque in one coat although I used two coats so the tip of my nails wouldn’t show.

Spoken From the Heart. A stunning coral/redish pink! The formula is very similar to 5 Apples Tall which I really like cuz I prefer the thin polishes to the more thicker ones as I find it easier to get a smooth finish. This is two coats and I really have nothing else to say about this one except: You need this in your collection!

Never Have Too Many Friends. Black. yes it’s a black polish. Nothing too exciting but it’s a good black polish with a nice formula. This is two coats.


Kitty White. Hmm…  These kinds of sheer pearlized polishes are not really my cup of tea. I wish I had tried this on top of  another polish before I did this blog post cuz I’m sure it will make an interesting topper. But on it’s own I’m not a huge fan and maybe it’s because I stopped at two coats and it would look much prettier with three or four? I kinda wished Opi had come out with a creme white instead since my Alpine Snow is running low.

Small Plus Cute. Aaahmazing color! I’m in love with this super cute powder pink! The formula is a bit tricky and it took me three kinda thick coats to get rid of (not completely though) the streaks which I find really annoying. But the color makes up for it!

Charmmy & Sugar. Did not think I was going to like this at first but when I applied it on my nails I quickly changed my mind. Stunning pink shimmer with a ton of purple, turquoise and silver glitters. With top coat it almost looks like a foil on the nail. Total opacity and even finish in two coats.


Look at My Bow. A classic bubblegum pink. The formula is neither super good nor bad but somewhere in between. It is a creme but not on the super thick side so it applied fine. This is two coats.


Let’s Be Friends. If this color wasn’t so damn cute, almost white but still pink, I would have thrown it away because of the formula. Gaahh.. I hate when a polish is soooo streaky that even three coats can’t fix it. Plus the formula is so thick that you don’t want to apply a fourth layer. Well well… I still love the color and will probably use it a lot.


Starry Eyed For Dear Daniel. Love this glitter packed purple/pink polish and I could wear it with every mani in the future. I won’t though, but if it turnes out I have to, I won’t mind. Great formula and super opaque in two coats.


Super Cute in Pink. Even though my picture is showing kinda pink I would say it’s more of a purple than a pink irl to me. Still super pretty though and fully opaque in two coats.

Summary: Cute, cute, cuuuuute! I love this collection and I feel like I will get a lot of wear with every polish! I have already made some designs using many of them which I will be posting on Instagram in the near future. Favorite: Spoken From the Heart (Would have been Small Plus Cute if not for the formula).

I believe the collection is already on sale in some countries but Sweden will have to wait until the beginning/middle of January. They will retail for 155 swedish kr per bottle.

xo Linn


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