Suzi Shops And Island Hops!

Suzi Shops


What do you get when you mix Alpine Snow with a bit of Elephantastic Pink??  You get your own version of OPI ‘Suzi Shops And Island Hops’ from their new Hawaiian collection!

Two nights ago I went through my OPI stash and found that one of the colors I was missing badly was a baby pink. I then realized I had like three of the same type of pinks and one of them was ‘Elephantastic Pink’. I also realized I had a mini bottle of Alpine snow with like half left, so what do I do? I mix some of ‘Elephantastic Pink’ into my mini ‘Alpine Snow’ and get the cutest baby pink polish!

I was so happy that I sacrificed my big half empty bottle of ‘EP’ and poured like half a bottle of ‘AS’ to make one big ass bottle of baby pink! My own ‘Suzi Shops And Island Hops’!

And the result on my nails..? Here you go:



I myself love it and hope you do too!

XO Linn


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