Rainbow Watermarble!

FullSizeRender kopia 2

In love with this method right now and I want to do water marbles all the time! I have recently gotten the hang of this and I can remember how frustrating it was when the polish wouldn’t spread or when the design got messed up. But now after lots of practice and not giving up I finally have created lots of successful water marbles.

The thing I found that made the biggest difference was the type of glass I used, the room temperatured water and the polish. The two last parts I think are the ones that made my water marbles go from failure to success. I always make sure that I have water in a big plastic bottle that is room temperatured so that whenever I want to do water marble I’m sure the water has been in room temperature for a long enough time. The polishes I find work best with this method is OPI, but I have found others working as well. The most important thing is to make sure the polish is not to thick.

I also made a tutorial for this design but if you still have questions after this blog post, feel free to ask!

XO Linn


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