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Ok, so this hashtag is in Swedish but i basically means “this weeks Opi” and from today it be a tag on Instagram (and Pinterest) where my self and a few other super talented nail artist will be posting one or more manicures every week. Each week will be a different theme or polish and this week the theme was “Black and White”! I couldn’t help myself and had to create two B&W designs! I did my very first whole hand successful water marble using Opi ‘Alpine Snow’ as base and ‘Lady In Black’ with ‘Nail Envy’ (any clear base coat or polish would probe work but I find tis works the best!) for the water marble. I was so happy with the result!

Since this manicure I’ve been obsessing over water marbles and I actually had a tutorial made which will be up in the future!

I also wanted to do a more simple B&W manicure and that’s why I did the snow leopard one! I used the same B&W polishes as for the water marble.

XO Linn


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