Reverse stamping!


Have you ever wanted to fill in the pattern you just stamped on your nails with some color..?? Reverse stamping lets you do that really easy!

The most important thing here is not to rush and take your time, other that that it’s super easy!

Here’s a tutorial for you:

Tools I used:
* Stamper from, the best stamper I ever used (item no: 12024) and if you use my code: DHJ61 you get 10% off your purchase!
* Plate no 15088, also from
* Tweezers
* Nail clippers
* Flat brush and polish remover

* Opi: I Just Can’t Cope-acabana, Hot & Spicy, You Are So Outta Lime and Unfrost My Heart
* Glisten And Glow top coat

Hope you give this fun technique a go and good luck if you do!

XO Linn


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